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Kancelaria Prawno - Finansowa APN  has the experience to design and execute training initiatives in the diversified field of debt collection.

By partnering with prominent experts from that field, it delivers one of them, titled as follows: „ How to effectively collect on outstanding debts without a termination the close cooperation with the Client /Debtor - strategies and tools. The team of specialists combines practice- based knowledge, gained through years of professional work, with an individual understanding and attitude towards participants of the training.

Kancelaria Prawno- Finansowa would like to invite all interested parties to attend the offered training.
The training module covers the following topics:

  • case study and analysis of on-going (loans in) arrears ratio
  • risk assessment of business activity, as well as of Clients,  both current and future ones
  • launch of an individual plan of terms and conditions
  • cooperation with lawyers and bailiffs (debt collectors)
  • payment monitoring and summary reports
  • effective debt collection – guidance  and tools