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Judicial Debt Collection

Comprehensive litigation and enforcement actions are led by Kancelaria Prawno- Finansowa APN, which represents Client’s business in proceedings before courts of law in order to regain writ of execution and afterwards, in the enforcement proceedings.

Judicial vindication applies to those cases in which all actions undertaken during pre-judicial vindication have been ineffective. Such cases are sent to court and additionally  backed by modified actions from the pre-judicial stage. Other activities within the scope of Judicial debt collection are enumerated as below:

  • sending a pre-judicial call for payment
  • monitoring payments,
  • in the case of no payments – initiating the judicial proceedings,
  • filing a complaint to the court (including electronic proceedings by writ of payment),
  • conducting pre-enforcement debt recovery,
  • initiating proceedings of  granting an enforcement clause to the writ of execution after the receipt of an order for payment