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Every entrepreneur, notwithstanding the nature of their business activity, juggles multiple responsibilities and challenges at various stage of their business lifecycle.

Whether small or medium enterprises, whether offering services or goods as their core business line, financial transactions are effected in a number annually.  Thus, timely payments play a crucial role in an overall situation of the given enterprise.  As the level of financial security of enterprise ensures its economic  development and ability to perform functions incessantly, therefore, it is compulsory to handle this target area efficiently and effectively.
Debt collection audit attempts to examine and state those aspects of an enterprise activity, which may require clearly defined enhancement scheme. Predominantly, it encompasses sales area and financial standing of an enterprise.

Kancelaria Prawno- Finansowa APN specialists rely on a thorough expertise in  supervising the above mentioned issues with the aim of bringing an enterprise considerate benefits like,  financial comfort and debt recovery cost optimization.

The objective of the debt collection audit is to examine and analyse the documentation flow with a particular emphasis on its collection for debt collection proceedings. Thus, the documentation is preliminary verified in respect of a financial behaviour of the company.
The key areas of audit against debts may be described as below:

  • The legal value of the dossiers: the legal quality of contracts, guarantee deeds, respect for deadlines from the proceedings undertaken (limitation periods).
  • Solvency: credit investigation of the debtors and the value of the property that make up the collateral.
  • The economic context of the customer – debtor: verification of the procedures in relation to the client profile (match between enforcement actions depending on whether it is a question of an individual or a legal entity).
  • involves the listed below initiatives for determining an assessment:

The service of debt collection audit is performed in the steps:

  • analysis of business process and code
  • analysis of internal regulations
  • analysis of the framework of comercial cooperation including elements such as: terms and conditions of business transactions and limit in payments
  • legal screening of orders, agreements
  • verification of receivables ratio, settlement of payment monitoring solutions for those ineffective
  • analysis of applied debt recovery procedures
  • reports indicating provision for debts claims and simulation of preventive actions with the cost estimatation
  • compilation of results of the performer audit and sketch of the crucial amendments in the business agreements and other transactions if necessary
  • drafting a management program for debt recovery and its implementation tools
  • streamline guideline for the Employees liable for any financial issues related to business, in particular a Company’s financial liquidity
  • reports indicating claim schedule of a company;