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About Us

Kancelaria Prawno- Finansowa APN is a firm of skillful and highly trained board of experts in debt collection and recovery, which is  committed to serving the financial needs of individuals and businesses with the highest standard of ethical and professional conduct.

The firm prides itself in providing  premier quality Client services in both, commercial and consumer debt collections, with the use of individually tailored and proven solutions to each and every Clients’ needs.
The chief aim of the law firm is to tackle the complex debt collection challenges that each and every Client faces and assist them in their timely handling in accordance with fixed, mutually agreed upon rules and policies.
Relying on full comprehension of the Clients’ needs and expectations, Kancelaria APN Prawno - Finansowa APN  has built solid foundations of the mutual trust and positive image among its Clients. This, on the other hand, may be translated into tangible benefits, such as long-term business relations and efficiency of debt collection processes.


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For Debtors


 Every debt must be paid-   do not avoid the contact, talk about it and together a given problem will be resolved.

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