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Useful information for Debtors

If you fail to pay off debts in a one –off or total payment , then consider signing in a payment in instalments agreement.
A proposed payment in instalments agreement enables you as a Debtor to pay off an outstanding debt by regular fixed amounts over a period of time. This agreement also guarantees a suspension of further actions taken by a Creditor, such as Direct Debt Collection and Judicial Debt Collection.
In this procedure, the debt execution is verified in terms of its timely repayments and amount.
After the whole amount of a debt has been settled, the debt collection process is considered to be settled and resolved.

If you have your own debtors, we will help you to reimburse your receivables and improve your company’s liquidity.

We offer our services to meet any of your financial difficulties.
Please give us a call at 537 603 300 to change your financial situation and reverse a deepening of a spiral of indebtedness.

If you wish to initiate an amicable procedure, please advise us on the mode and term of repayment details, sending us an e-mail at the following  contact address: