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About Us

About Us

Kancelaria Prawno- Finansowa APN is a firm of skillful and highly trained board of experts in debt collection and recovery, which is  committed to serving the financial needs of individuals and businesses with the highest standard of ethical and professional conduct.

The firm prides itself in providing  premier quality Client services in both, commercial and consumer debt collections, with the use of individually tailored and proven solutions to each and every Clients’ needs.
The chief aim of the law firm is to tackle the complex debt collection challenges that each and every Client faces and assist them in their timely handling in accordance with fixed, mutually agreed upon rules and policies.
Relying on full comprehension of the Clients’ needs and expectations, Kancelaria APN Prawno - Finansowa APN  has built solid foundations of the mutual trust and positive image among its Clients. This, on the other hand, may  be translated into tangible benefits, such as long-term business relations and efficiency of debt collection processes.

Kancelaria Prawno- Finansowa APN has not only , formulated its code of professional conduct, which outlines and constitutes the business profile, but also  it has set directions for its own activity in future.
The aforementioned code comprises the following four fundamental principles:

  • Quality  - channeling of efforts on time and cost efficiency, special focus on maximum recovery ratios, cutting edge solutions, consultancy expertise.
  • Reliable and reliance –  representing the firm commitment and accountability for duties and responsibilities having regard to acting in the best interests of its Clients
  • Respect – emphasizing transparent conditions of cooperation with Clients and Debtors, abiding the rights and rules of mutual cooperation
  • Subject-matter knowledge – accomplishing  effectiveness of actions by basing on in-depth knowledge and a wealth of experience, whilst constant promoting professionalism and developing skills that allow to improve working methods.

Should you have any issue of debt recovery, please contact us for further information.
The law firm offers debt recovery at the commission with particular focus on Clients’ guidelines, thus if still seeking a solution for, here shown a selected debts issue with their recommended service reference:

  • difficulty in collecting due compensation or debt- professional and all pre-legal actions are undertaken, involving direct debt collection, detective services
  • delay invoice payment by Counterparty- business intelligence services, determination of the Debtor’s contact and registration details,  financial position of the company
  • company’s assets (real estate and movables), employment size, as well as other relevant information about the Debtor
  • lack of loan or granted credits repayment – detective services
  • expiration of maturity date for any sort of financial transaction